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Our focus

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Cleaning operations

Our sailboats and workboats are cleaning beaches all along the Norwegian coastline. The crew is young adults from 18-25 years, that go to Norway to help cleaning, and to experience the beautiful Norwegian shoreline

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We want to share our knowledge and experience about marine litter and inspire to take part in cleaning, as well as to change how people handle plastics in their everyday life.

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Involving and meeting the local communities as well as politicians and companies, we hope to build a bigger awareness about the plastic problem.

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Communicate and connect

We aim to connect and unite people, companies and resources in the war against marine litter, and use social media actively to reach out to everyone.

Our five year plan is to clean 20 000 beaches in Norway.

Some feedback from our volunteer crew

View reports about the work we have done, and download our detailed plans for the future.

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