1.500.000 kg since 2017

Ocean CARE

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Our method of cleaning plastics from the beachline is the most efficient available, combining technology, mobility and volunteer effort. We’re constantly aiming to clean as much as possible for the available funding and resources.

Go to Awareness


Sharing knowledge about marine litter, is the foundation of making changes in the on going pollution of our seas. We’re creating content for social media and our volunteer ambassadors spread the word all over the planet.

Go to Research


To solve the plastic pollution problem, we need to know even more about the sources, the consequences the pollution has for the environment, and to develop policies, methodology and technology to stop the pollution at the source.

Go to Engagement


Based on awareness, knowledge and available resources we are creating opportunities for everyone to actively engage, and take part in making a positive change for the future, saving our oceans from plastic pollution.

Our goal is to save the ocean from plastic pollution

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