ITSB Ambassadors

The ambassadors are previous volunteers who are ready to answer any questions you may have about volunteering with us. Are you a new or potential volunteer with questions about beach cleaning, living on a sail boat or sailing along the beautiful Norwegian coastline? Get in touch with one of our ambassadors!

Martha Steinmetz

I’m fromGermany
I speakGerman and English
ITSB Experience2 months with the Vestland team and 1 month with the Nordland team, both this year in 2022!
On board expertiseSocial dynamics in different teams, solo traveling and camping, (sail)boat related knowledge, driving the dinghy, befriending locals, and staying happy no matter the weather.
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Trine Bruun Jørgensen

I’m fromDenmark
I speakDanish and English
ITSB Experience2 months in 2020, Team Nordland. Cleaned the areas of Helgeland, Salten and Lofoten. And 2 months with the Vestland team in 2021.
On board expertiseCooking, working out, efficient beach cleaning, how it is to volunteer during corona times.

Jonathan Lautmann

I’m fromSweden
I speakSwedish (Norwegian and Danish), English
ITSB ExperienceI volunteered in the spring of 2019, as well as for shorter periods in the summer in 2019 and 2020. I also came back for a short time again in 2021 and 2022!
On board expertiseI study biology, so the environmental aspect of the project- what effects plastics have on nature and marine organisms. Also beach cleaning, sailing and living on a boat 🙂
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Andréa Besson

I’m fromFrance
I speakFrench, English, Danish and a little Norwegian
ITSB ExperienceAlmost 4 months in both 2019 and 2020, in Finnmark and Nordland.
On board expertiseNature and wildlife observation, photography, dogs, pulling heavy nets out while beach cleaning, knitting, and cold-water bathing.
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Ela Zdešar

I’m fromSlovenia
I speakEnglish and Slovenian
ITSB Experience2 months in both 2019 and 2020, in Finnmark and Helgeland. I was on three different sailboats with three different skippers, two different teams and two different areas so I think I can answer pretty much any question!
On board expertiseOcean and nature, conservation and volunteering- that’s what we all have in common. I’m also an artist, photographer, writer, vet technician, and sailor.
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Julia Dreher

I’m fromGermany
I speakGerman and English
ITSB Experience4 months in 2020, from March to July.
On board expertiseDriving Nemo (the workboat), snowboarding, cooking, enjoying nature, taking photos and working with animals.

ElĂ©onore du Bois d’Aische

I’m fromBelgium
I speakEnglish and French
ITSB Experience3 weeks in September 2019.
On board expertiseSailing, talking about the organization and living on a boat. I love travelling and I have a degree in Biological Engineering (specialized in Environment) so I love nature and learning about the best ways to protect it.
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Sara L’erario

I’m fromItaly
I speakItalian, French, English and Spanish
ITSB Experience3 months in 2018 and 2 weeks in 2019.
On board expertiseSailing and climbing. I am also a biology student, so any kind of questions about nature are welcome!

Ian Grace

I’m fromThe US
I speakEnglish
ITSB ExperienceI volunteered in 2018.
On board expertiseThe experience of sailing, beach cleaning, life aboard, packing advice, US-Norway Visa details, finding cheap flights worldwide, and what visiting Norway is like from an American perspective.
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Juliette Rouëssé

I’m fromFrance
I speakFrench, English and some Norwegian
ITSB ExperienceI volunteered for 8 months in 2020. Half of the time I was between Sandnessjøen and Lofoten, and half in the Bergen area. I came back for 6 months to the Vestland team in 2021!
On board expertiseWorkout organisation, life on board the sailboats, beach cleaning, long-term stay with ITSB, choosing clothing
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