The Ocean CARE Program

How do we fight marine pollution?

The CARE model explains in an easy way what we do:

C = Cleaning beaches
A = Awareness building
R = Research and development
E = Engagement and activities

Learn more about In The Same Boat in this short video introduction.

Cleaning beaches is our core activity. Today, we are the world’s most efficient beach cleaning actor, based on the amount of trash and the distance we clean for the available funding.

Creating awareness is about telling stories about marine litter and our mission in all available channels, including through our ambassador program. People need to be aware of the problem to engage and make a change.

Research and development is about learning more about the sources of marine litter and developing solutions and systems to prevent future pollution of the oceans.

Engagement is about turning awareness and knowledge into action. We help individuals and companies engage with tools, technical resources, networking, and methodology, and we’re creating a worldwide army with ambassadors fighting for the sea.

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Calculate the achievements we can do for your contribution

With the “Beach Cleaning Calculator” you can calculate how much we can achieve with your contribution.

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