Covid-19 (corona) Pandemic Measures

Practical Measures
(Norsk versjon)

In addition to the strict regulations from the Norwegian authorities, In the Same Boat and Salt Life AS have introduced a number of measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection:

  • 10 days quarantine or 5 days + negative test for incoming crew
  • Cancellation of crew from risk areas
  • Comprehensive hygiene measures while on board, during trainings, and while handling equipment and supplies
  • Reduced avticivity with with groups
  • Reorganization of physical meetings to video conferences (Skype, etc)
  • Banning of on-board visitors
  • Information measures aimed toward all actors/ persons we work with
  • Extended self reporting of health for all crew members on a daily basis
  • Maintaining dialog with local authorities regarding infection control measures and quarantine requirements

These measurements will be maintained and refined on the basis of the demands stemming from the Norwegian government, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and local authorities.

Importance for Our Work

Our team is in practice already in home quarantine, and is very well isolated from the outside world when on-board our sailboats.

We are in a situation where the safest option for crew is to remain isolated, and any incoming crew will undergo full quarantine before boarding. Additionally, we will not receive any visitors on board.

This also means that we will continue to work with beach cleaning and other related work, so long as it can be done in accordance with the current requirements from authorities at all times and be uncompromising in relation to the health and safety of the crew with particular consideration for avoiding strain on health personnel and other preparedness in society.

Our total capacity will be somewhat lowered, since crew will be unavailable while in quarantine.