MMSI: 258010800
Callsign: LD9234

Crush is a 35-foot aluminum workboat built by Arronet with 2 powerful OXE engines of 200 horsepower each and runs on diesel, which means it’s especially fuel-efficient and made for operations in remote areas, where petrol is less accessible at the harbors.

The bow door is hydraulic and can lift the boat to make a steady platform for loading and unloading, even in rough conditions.

To help to tow in bigbags or other floating objects, there is a capstan/electric winch with high torque, that can be operated close to the bow door.

The steerhouse is sound isolated and equiped with a heater for comfort, even in the winter and on the rainy days.

Crush is equipped with a defibrillator, a fire pump and other emergency tools. Read more about this here.

Total payload with crew is about 2 250 kg.

Crush, 12m workboat