ITSB Dictionary

This is a list of words and phrases you might find nice to know when joining In The Same Boat. Some words may not be the correct technical ones, but words we have simplified, adopted, or developed to have efficient communication with our volunteers that is similar across the organization.

LockLock a rope in a way that it is safe to leave with a knot or a lock-leverSailing
HoldHold a rope in a way that it does not move, but cane easily be adjustedSailing
ReleaseLet out a rope in a controlled waySailing
TentionHold back a bit on a rope that is released, with a bit of tentionSailing
SheetThe rope that you use to trim the sail (or pull it out)Sailing
InhallThe rope you pull to reef or take in a furling sailSailing
OuthallThe rope you pull on the sail to take it out, from a furling mast or furling staySailing
ReefReduce the size of the sail to get less power when the wind increasesSailing
Power up the sailTurn the boat or trim the boat to fill the sail with windSailing
TrimAdjust the sail to get more (or less) power, normally with the sheetSailing
GenoaThe big sail in the front of the boat, normally overlapping the mainsailSailing
Self tackerA triangle sail in the front of the boat where the sheet is connected to a traveller that makes the sail tack from one side to the other automatically when tacking.Sailing
Hoist (the sail)Pull the haylard to hoist classical sails, on some of our boats the mainsail.Sailing
HaylardThe rope connected to the top of a sail to hoist in the mastSailing
CleetThe thing you put the rope on when mooringSailing
PullardA bigger pole on the pir to put the ropes around when mooringSailing
StarboardRight sideSailing
PortsideLeft sideSailing
BowFront part of the boatSailing
AftThe back part of the boat, also called stern or rearSailing
HeelingWhen the boat leans to one side while sailingSailing
TackTurning the boat to catch the wind from the opposite side, normally going upwind.Beach cleaning