Enhancing Your Company’s ESG and CSR Journey with the CARE Program

Joining us in our commitment to marine conservation will significantly contribute to your company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Our multi-tiered program offers a structured path for engagement, with each level building upon the last, ensuring a cumulative impact that aligns with your sustainability goals and ambitions.

Tailored reports and documentation reflecting your membership and involvement will showcase precise statistics on your corporate impact, detailing the amount of plastics removed from the sea, the extent of beachline cleaned based on your contribution, and other KPIs.

The CARE program is tightly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about the basic ideas and values of the CARE Program here.

Ocean CARE Membership

  • Foundation-Level Involvement
  • Annual Membership Fee: From €5000
  • Main benefits:
    • Connecting with other companies with a high focus on sustainability through our network
    • Media for company campaigns and marketing (high-quality photos and videos)
    • Being on our official list of partners
    • Direct impact on beach cleanliness metrics
    • Precise numbers and reports of your company’s environmental impact
  • Impact: Sets the baseline for environmental contributions, suitable for initial ESG reporting.
  • For Whom: Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or departments within larger corporations starting their CSR journey.

Ocean CARE Activities Partner

  • Expanded Engagement
  • Annual Partnership Fee: €10,000 or more
  • Benefits: Opportunities for team-building, enhanced brand reputation through community engagement, and involvement in educational initiatives.
  • Impact: Enhances community engagement and social responsibility aspects of your ESG/CSR strategy.
  • For Whom: Suited for companies seeking active participation and visibility in environmental and community initiatives.

Ocean CARE Expeditions Sponsor

  • Targeted Project Sponsorship
  • Expedition Sponsorship Fee: €25,000 – €250,000 per expedition (Length and route dependant)
  • Benefits: Branding on expedition boats, exclusive content for PR and SoMe, employee participation in expeditions and events.
  • Impact: Elevates your company’s profile as a leader in targeted environmental initiatives.
  • For Whom: For companies aiming for significant involvement, high visibility, and greater measurable impact in their CSR and sustainability reports.

Strategic Partner – Invest in our Fleet

  • Highest Strategic Impact
  • Investment Level: €150,000 – €1M+ through convertible obligations with agreed interests
  • Benefits: Shared ownership in a sustainable venture, prominent branding opportunities, a portion of profits aiding further conservation.
  • Impact: Demonstrates leadership in sustainable investment and environmental stewardship.
  • For Whom: Aimed at large corporations or investors seeking substantial ESG impact and high-profile branding opportunities.

Global Pioneer Sponsor

  • Tailored International Expansion
  • Starting Investment: €2.5M – €5M+
  • Benefits: Opportunity to choose a country for establishing a new ITSB branch (e.g., ITSB Australia, Greece, Argentina), substantial global recognition, and a pivotal role in shaping the operations in the new region.
  • Impact: Facilitates the global expansion of ITSB’s mission, greatly amplifying the environmental impact worldwide.
  • For: Ultra-high-net-worth individuals or corporations interested in funding and spearheading the establishment of ITSB operations in a country of their choice, making a landmark impact in global marine conservation.

Expectations of members’ activities

Being a part of the Ocean Care Program implicates a genuine interest in positively impacting the environment. There’s no limit to what you can do, but some essential actions would be:

  • Doing cleanups with employees, customers, friends and family
  • Reducing your plastic consumption
  • Sorting your waste to enhance recycling opportunities

Why Join the Ocean CARE Program?

  • Align with Sustainability Goals: Each level of participation directly contributes to your company’s sustainability and CSR objectives, providing measurable impacts.
  • Enhance Brand Image: Associating with marine conservation efforts positively influences public perception and enhances your corporate image.
  • Employee Engagement: Opportunities for your team to engage in meaningful activities, fostering a culture of social responsibility.
  • Visibility and Recognition: Gain recognition as a leader in environmental stewardship through various branding and promotional opportunities.
The Ocean Health Expedition with Van Oord as main sponsor.

We welcome your partnership in the Ocean CARE Program, where your commitment not only supports a critical environmental cause but also delivers substantial value in ESG and CSR reporting, brand visibility, and alignment with your sustainability goals. Let’s sail together towards a cleaner, healthier ocean!

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