Self-Declaration, driving quad (and car)

Salt Life AS/In The Same Boat AS has a quad, and also a car. These will be available for volunteers to drive, after participating in a small course with the team leader, completing this form, and of course, having the required licenses. The rules for driving the quad are as follows:

– Always wear a helmet when you’re driving the quad
– Follow the local (Norwegian) traffic rules
– Drive carefully, and don’t be a hazard to yourself or your surroundings
– Be aware that the quad is not a toy, but a 400 kg vehicle. Misuse can result in severe injury or death.

The quad allows us to go shopping for groceries or other errands on islands where we cannot reach the store with the boats, but it will only be available to use for volunteers to use when the team leader approves it as safe. Irresponsible driving WILL make us revoke your “license” to drive the quad and/or the car. Drive safe!