ITSB Beach Cleaning School

All our long term volunteers and permanent crew have to do the ITSB Beach Cleaning School before going to their beach cleaning missions.

The school is also available for other organizations or persons that want to do beach cleaning in a professional manner.

Debrief after MOB exercise (Man Over Board).

The schedule of the ITSB school is based on the following content and topics:

  • Safety at sea
    • Safety at sea basics
    • Alarm instruction, roles and tasks
    • Safety equipment walk through/testing
    • CPR and life saving first aid
    • Using communications (radios, VHF, phone)
    • The most important laws and regulations at sea
    • Man Over Board exercise
  • Safety at the beach/fieldwork
    • Risk analysis and management
    • How to prevent personell injuries
    • How to prevent damage to animals, birds and fauna
    • How to prevent damage to 3rd party property
    • First aid techniques
    • Safety equipment (spike-proof boots, gloves, first aid kits++)
  • Beach cleaning methodology
    • Basic methodology, efficient beach cleaning
    • Tools (knives, bags, gloves, cranes, ++)
    • Carrying techniques in terrain
    • Sorting the findings for recycling
    • Loading and unloading boats
    • Registration for research and tracking
    • Waste treatment
    • Risk waste / danger objects
    • Standard analysis of findings
    • Intro to deep analysis of findings
  • Elementary knowledge about plastics and its value chains
    • The history of plastics
    • How is it made
    • Different types of plastics
    • How we use plastics today
    • Recycling – challenges and opportunities
    • Plastics and marine litter in a political perspective
  • The basics about marine life and how we affect it
    • The marine food chain
    • The oceans and global warming
    • Vertical and horizontal accumulation of poisons in the food chain
    • How plastics affect fish, birds and other life in the ocean
    • Other types of marine pollution
    • Over fishing and other threats for marine life
  • Movies we watch
    • A Plastic Ocean (Netflix)
    • Mission Blue (Netflix)
    • Our Planet ep. 1, 6 & 7 (Netflix)
Doing a full check on life jackets. Understanding the safety equipment is important, and on the ITSB School we do a full review of life jackets, personal radios, knifes (for cutting ropes) and other safety equipment.
CPR training after rescue from water. The marker is one of our skippers, and he is doing a nice portion of acting, to make the exercise as realistic as possible.
Doing fieldwork is also a part of the ITSB School.