Practical test for ITSB volunteers

The test will be performed after maximum 10 days of training of new volunteers. To be able to continue a full volunteer period, they have to get at least 80% of full score on the test.

The test is done as a practical test with the skipper/team leader. Points will be given based on the skipper/team leader’s evaluation of the performance and the answers given by the volunteer.

Knots to know

Safety, general / sailboats

  • 6p CPR, lifesaving techniques
  • 4p. Checkpoints before leaving/sleeping
    (heaters, gas stove, water)
  • 3p. Know the location of all fire extinguishers
  • 3p. Know the location of first aid equipment
  • 3p. Location of the defibrillator and how to use
  • 3p. Know all emergency exits on the boat
  • 3p. Know the Man Over Board (MOB) routine
  • 2p. VHF Routines (how to call, which channel)
  • Connecting and disconnecting propane/LPG tanks

Safety, workboat

  • 2p. Boarding/unboarding
  • 2p. Balance the boat
  • 1p. Free sight for skipper


  • 3p. Cleaning the toilet
  • 2p. Emptying toilet
  • 2p. Empty trash can and replace bag properly
  • 2p. Filling water tank
  • 2p. Cleaning kitchen

Beach Cleaning

  • 3p. Gear overview (first aid, knife, radio, shoes, raingear, life jacket, drink/food)
  • 3p. Danger waste (oil, explosives, unidentified substances)
  • 2p. Basic methodology
  • 2p. How to use the serrated rope-knife