ITSB Trackers

ITSB GPS Trackers make it possible for us to increase safety for the crew as well as gather detailed data about plastic findings, to make precise density maps over where the plastic pollution ends up in the terrain.


  1. Turn on the tracker by pressing the PWR-button on the side
  2. Clip the tracker to your life jacket when you leave for cleaning beaches in the morning and keep it on all day for safety
  3. Press the “BAG BUTTON” for 2 seconds (until it beep-vibrates), every time you fill a cleaning bag OR when you reach approximately 10 kg. of collected trash.
  4. If you maka a depot of bags for collection with workboats or other transportation, click the “DEPOT BUTTON” for 2 seconds (until it beep-vibrates).
  5. If you have an emergency – press the SOS button for 2 seconds (until it beep-vibrates). The SOS is “global”, meaning it will warn our crew inland, that WILL execute a full size rescue operation, if no other message is given or the SOS is cancelled.
The bag and depot buttons


  1. It’s your responsibility to make sure your tracker is charged for next day. It should be charged every night, to make sure it lasts a long day of cleaning.
  2. To charge the tracker, place it on the wireless plate charger and make sure the charger’s blue light comes on.
  3. To charge faster/better, you may turn off the tracker AFTER you’ve placed it on the charger. (It automatically turns on when you put it on charge.
Tracker properly charging, with blue light on the pad.


When you join the crew, your team leader will provide you with a tracker. You are responsible for taking care of your specific tracker, so remember the small number on the side, and make sure you are taking yours, and nobody else’s when you go cleaning.

The tracker will be visible with your name in our system as long as you are on the crew, but after you leave, your name will be “detached”, as we just need the data for statistics, not for measuring your effort.

IF you want to know YOUR data and your amount of picked trash, remember to ask your team leader for data BEFORE you leave the crew, as the data will only be available until your name gets detached from the tracker.

Take good care of your tracker while you use it. It’s an expensive little piece, and we want it to last long.

Thank you 🙂

PWR button and ID number on the side