How to get there!

Traveling to your In The Same Boat destination in Norway might be complex, as we are a country of challenging logistics, high mountains, deep fjords, and not the best public transportation system to offer!

Here is a short overview on how to get to some of our main destinations along the coastline when you are boarding In The Same Boat for your volunteer beach cleaning experience!

Destination Bergen

Meetup point normally Hjellestadveien 367 – GOOGLE MAPS
If you enter Norway through Oslo Gardermoen national airport, you can go to Berge by train (tickets at VY) or book another flight to Bergen. For the last part of the travel, from Bergen city station or from Bergen Airport, you go by bus. Tickets can be bought straight on the bus or beforehand on www.entur.no

Destination Helgeland / Nordland

Meetup point is normally at Sandnessjøen Hotell Kysten, where we have our transit apartment. GOOGLE MAPS
There are several ways to get there:
– Direct flight Oslo->Sandnessjøen Stokka Airport
– Train from Oslo/Trondheim/Bodø to Mosjøen, then the last part bus from Mosjøen to Sandnessjøen
– Express boat from Bodø to Sandnessjøen (TICKETS)
When you get there, you might need the keys to our apartment. Instructions will be given.
Info about buses and express boats at www.entur.no

BE AWARE: Sometimes your meetup for Nordland is at Bodø, meaning you do not go all the way to our main base in Sandnessjøen but jump on further north, possibly somewhere on the express boat route from Bodø to Sandnessjøen. So – do not book your ticket all the way to Sandnessjøen before it’s properly informed that you’re going all the way.

Destination Finnmark

The Finnmark destination is not one single destination, but we are moving around in a big area, which means that you will have specific instructions based on where and when you are joining.

When you get your confirmed stay with us, the exact destination may not be set, but to make sure you get as cheap tickets as possible booking early you should consider at least booking your flight to Oslo, and take a look at the prices and options to Tromsø, Alta, Mehamn, Berlevåg, and Kirkenes, to get a better understanding about how to get there.

There are many tools to book flights, but we recommend checking directly on WIDEROE (the small airliner company that does the small places) and both Norwegian and SASMomondo also works great to get an overview of flights up north.

Sometimes it’s easiest and cheapest to book directly up north; other times, you have to split up the travel into many portions to get the best price. This is inconvenient, but there’s just not a straightforward answer about how to travel this far up north.

The railway stops at Bodø, and the public transportation up north is severe. There’s a reason all Norwegians have their own car.

TIP: If you have time and can afford it, the Coastal Voyager is an optional way to travel up north. CHECK IT OUT